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Goethe Grape Valleys is a wine tour which brings to the visitors the ethnic features of the Italian immigrant at the region of Urussanga, Santa Catarina. The valleys of Urussanga and Azambuja rivers, important basins of Southern Santa Catarina, were occupied by Italian immigrants at the end of 19th century and present until today the marks of their culture with the production of grapes and wines among other traditional manufacturing processes.

In this environment it is possible to be a part of the historical values of the pilgrims though the visit to their ancient stone houses, the taste of their gastronomy and their hospitality. One day Tour (for half a day, visit only 2 wineries):

- Visit of the Main Church of Urussanga with observation to the sacred art pieces and the copy of the PIETÀ sculpture, original from Italy
- View to the ancient Irmãos Cadorin Winery (1918) and Caruso Mac Donald Wineries (1913);
- Tour through the valleys at the Italian Immigration Routes: Felippe Winery at Azambuja ; Mazon Winery at São Pedro;
- Visit of the ancient vines of Goethe grapes, notions of wine tasting and home made products;
- Urussanga Winery: visit with tasting of still and sparkling Goethe wines;
- Vinhos Trevisol at Rio Caeté historical Village with wine e grape juice tasting;
- Italian gastronomy harmonized with Goethe wine.

Tour Rio Maior Valleu and Rio

Rio Caeté and Rio Maior are the most preserved rural villages of the region, with houses protected by state and federal laws. In this region it is located a historical and cultural landmark of an entrepreneur people.











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